there is no shame in delight

2021      3 Channel Video Projection with Sound and sculptural elements

H E L E N   M A T H W I N   &      
H E R M I O N E   M E R R Y 

There is No Shame in Delight examines an insecure attachment, an uncomfortable urge to connect to land that is uncomfortably inhabited and the human connections that occur on the surface of this. This two-channel video installation from local artists and frequent collaborators Helen Mathwin and Hermione Merry, concludes with the question, after the climax, the crash, the fight, what now?

Performance // Helen Mathwin & Hermione Merry, Veronica Wilson and Declan Powell
Cinematography // Tim Metherall
Sound Performance // Declan Powell
Music Composition // Karolina Cutler & Tom Foster
​Music Performance // Karolina Cutler
Horse Wranglers // Pieter Kirby & Astrea Fowler
Unit // Thea Foster

This project was commissioned by Castlemaine State Festival Digital Commissions 2021

Exhibited The Goods Shed, Visual Arts Program, Castlemaine State Festival 2021