The Post-Truth Booth

Presented as part of the 2018 Creative State Summit The Post-Truth Booth  sought to  actively engage the general public with the concept of post-truth, hence fighting a sense of truth fatigue (Ravenscroft 2017). This was done through a series of conversations with members of the public that addressed ideas of  truth, post-truth and meaning making in the modern world. These conversations unfolded in our converted horse float (booth) parked at the front of The Melbourne Museum whilst the Creative State Summit also explored Post Truth within the museum walls. The expert talks taking place within the museum were live streamed out to our booth for passers by to view and comment on. Simultaneously our interviews with the public were live streamed onto a 4 x 5 mtr screen inside the museum,  creating a live post-truth scenario in which expert and public opinion were intermingled and represented indiscriminately. To view footage of the conversations that took place as part of the Post-Truth Booth go to the Wide Open Road Art Youtube channel


PTB float at museum

The Post-Truth Booth was supported by Creative Victoria, The Regional Centre for Culture and The Melbourne Museum. Artists involved: Helen Mathwin and Susie Elliott (lead artists/ project managers) Hermione Merry, Bron Batten, Emily Donahue and Tom Millward.